November 4, 2011

The Regency Complete

With the likes of Elvis Presley and President Gerald Ford frequenting its penthouse suites, The Regency has been a Denver landmark since its construction in the 1960s.  As years passed, the building began to show its age,  and eventually fell into ruin before being renovated in 2005 into its current use, student housing.  After many formal iterations and color experiments, we came up with a design that played off of the geometric shapes present in the existing architecture.  The deep blue arcs leave the building illusive in its form and bold in its presence.  At nearly 40,000 square feet of surface area and over 800 gallons of paint used, The Regency exterior is by far Superfluent’s largest and most rewarding undertaking.  Special thanks to ShaggyPonies and Gramatik for the tunes (all jams are available for free download on the links provided), and super special thanks Tyler Kellogg for the film and edit.

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Regency Tower Arc CloseupRegency Tower and Podium FullRegency - Green Lattice Closeup

Regency Blue Lattice Closeup

Regency Student Housing Night Shot

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